Using social media for small business

Using social media for small business

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What can your small business do with social media?

Many small businesses may very well be under the impression that they neither have the time nor the resources to spend much more than a cursory sum on social media.  That would be a mistake. While it can definitely be bewildering trying to get a working plan going with social media, it should be a part of every marketing mix going forward. Not only does Google count social signals in their ranking algorithm now, direct traffic and ad opportunities make social one of the most vibrant channels to work with in your marketing.

To get a better idea of what you may want to concentrate on, let's take a look at what social media for small business is doing now, and how you can pattern that into a workable plan for your business.

How are Small Businesses Using Social Media do now?

Businesses that are thriving credit social media for a large portion of that. Over 90 percent of those surveyed by LinkedIn say that social is responsible for increased brand awareness and 82 percent say it is a very good tool for generating new leads.

Businesses that are spending on social media are the ones growing! 73 percent of growing businesses increased their SMM spending last year, and conversely 42 percent of small businesses that did not devote resources to social media did not see any appreciable growth.

Where should you focus your time and money?

It is now more and more clear that social media does some things very well. Among these are helping to build brand awareness, along with social advertising. Social ads are still very economical, and can be highly targeted to reach the exact audience you wish to engage. All the major platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter now have ad platforms you can use from your social pages. Using social media for competitive intelligence, in addition to ongoing business education is another effort well worth your time.

Mining social for positive reviews and mentions of your company can offer long-lasting value, while there is a great deal that can be learned from leading industry experts who post frequently on social media. Whatever avenues make the most sense for your small business, make sure to take action and devote a piece of your marketing pie to using social media  to grow your brand, extend your reach, and keep on the cutting edge of what your industry can provide. You can be certain your competition is doing exactly that!

Using social media for small business is really an effective way to grow your company.

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