Why are we risking our money for you? A look behind the scenes at our exclusive Lead Generation Services program

PLEASE NOTE: Currently our ZERO RISK lead generation services are offered BY INVITATION ONLY and initially focused in the home handyman or home maintenance area. Industries such as carpet cleaners, electricians, locksmiths, pest control, plumbers, removalists, painters, gardeners and so on..

What we’re doing is pretty unique and I get a lot of people asking me what’s the catch, so I’d like to explain a little about our exclusive Lead Generation Services program and who we are. Why ARE we risking our own money to help you grow your business?

It is very unique. Not many people put their money where their mouth is. But that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We’re going to help you grow your business, pay for the opportunity and we'll only get paid if we get results.

Sound good? So first of all, who are we?


professional team

Business professionals

Our lead generation services business is made up of very talented people from all over the world. I’ve personally been in sales and marketing for over 30 years and I’m in Perth, Australia.

We’ve got business managers, designers, marketing experts and professionals with experience in many different industries that all come together to really get the best quality leads for each of our clients. Under normal circumstances, if you were to hire any one of us individually, you’d pay hundreds per hour for our time. But you're not going to pay for us by the hour.

We help you grow your business

What we want to do is help you grow your business by getting you results and only charging you when you get results.

So it looks kind of like this; you run your business and you keep doing what you’re doing. But on top of what you’re doing, we’re going to send you some extra business and it will come without you lifting a finger. It’ll be icing on the cake.

All we want in return is to get a share of that extra income so we can find new ways of sending you more business. It’s a whole different, “risk free” way for you to grow your business.

growing your business

generating leads to drive more customers

Traditional methods too risky

When it comes to advertising in a normal business environment, you would have to think of an offer, write some copy, create an ad and pay for that ad to be seen – whether that’s a newspaper, a yellow pages ad, a radio ad or whatever. And then if you’ve done everything right you MIGHT get some calls, but if you don’t, you’ve just blown all that time and money and you got nothing.

Doing it the traditional way gives you no guarantees. And small business owners don’t want to gamble their money away with lead generation companies that may or may not work.

You get the full program. Free!

This is not some kind of automatic lead generation software nor is it some marketing automation or shared lead gen system. This is a real, hands on inbound marketing program where we spend our own money, time and energy manually driving qualified leads to your door through search engines and social networking. But of course there’s always a limit to how much time and money we can spend at any one time. We can only work with a small number of companies. You only have a rare window of opportunity for us to help you right now.

So bottom line – we risk our money to find the best way to get you new clients. This means if it doesn’t work, it’s our loss.

lead generation companies

Here's what our Lead Generation Process will do for you:

  • Research your competitors
  • Establish what your prospects are looking for
  • Create an effective marketing strategy
  • Write copy for blog posts, social media and ads
  • Develop strategic marketing campaigns
  • Create dedicated lead capture landing pages
  • Ads on pay per click, social media channels and major sites
  • Strategic content marketing
  • Managing and monitoring the efficiency of campaigns
  • No risk leads to increase your annual revenue
  • All the above marketing efforts at no charge
no risk leads

Basically we do a lot of things to make your phone ring with customers who want your help RIGHT NOW. After we get your phone to ring, we measure and analyze the results. And we send you reports each month giving you a summary of what leads you got from our efforts.

It’s a great package of services that companies today pay thousands for. But it will cost YOU… absolutely nothing.

We get paid when you get results

The only time we want to get paid, is when you get results. So unless you get enquiries – it costs you nothing.

And remember, the result we give you is extra business. It's icing on the cake. So even if you gave us half of that “icing”, it’s half of something that you never had before. But we don’t want half – we only want a pre-agreed price per enquiry which then helps pay for the ads, creative and management. You keep any ongoing business you get from that client too and you don’t have to lift a finger to get it.

We just keep feeding you clients.

online crowd

get more clients summary

Full accountability

We’re going to give you an exclusive phone number that we’ll use in our advertising for your business. This is how we know what leads have come through our system.

Anyone that calls that number, gets automatically diverted – in real time – to your business number and it’s recorded along the way for quality and coaching purposes.

Tracking, monitoring and reporting is something we take very seriously. Giving you access to these reports is how you can see what specific leads were generated by us.

Full transparency and 24/7 access

We give you full and live access to the log files and recordings anytime you want, day or night, 7 days a week. This helps you see how well your staff manage calls and you can also see how many calls we’re sending you. This by itself is a great management tool that you get absolutely free.

You'll also receive an email each time a call is diverted to your business via our Lead Generation Services system.

Plus of course your phone will ring with a new prospect! 🙂

new business transparency

exclusive lead generation services

Exclusive – no competition

We’re going to give you access to our Lead Generation Services program where we generate leads for your business exclusively.

Exclusive, because we don’t want to deal with your competitors.

All our efforts need to be focused on one business in your industry and I’m hoping that will be you.

Lead Generation Summary

Our flagship digital team are experts in search engine optimization, lead management and online lead generation, driving a consistent flow of high quality inbound leads and potential customers right to your front door.

We take all the risk, we pay all the bills. If your phone doesn’t ring, you pay nothing. If we help you get some of that “icing on the cake” – you simply agree to give us a pre-agreed cost per lead so we can re-invest that into getting you more clients.

* We've found a price per enquiry is a much simpler and cleaner way for us to manage invoicing rather than a percentage of new business.  That way we don’t need to get inside your accounting data and it's more fair since we can't control how you deal with the enquiry beyond the initial call.

cheap lead gen services

Lead Gen Services – Limited opportunity

You should be seeing this page because you were invited, which means we’re looking for someone in your industry right now. In each city we guarantee to only work with one company in each of our target industries.  That means ALL our effort, time and money for your industry ends up focused 100% on your business.

All our lead generation services are initially focused in the home handyman or home maintenance area.  Industries such as carpet cleaners, electricians, locksmiths, pest control, plumbers, removalists, painters, gardeners, solar panels and so on.

If you found this page and you weren't invited, or you're simply not sure if we can help, please ask.  Simply leave your details below and either myself or one of the team will give you a call back tomorrow and answer any other questions you might have.

If you're looking for some answers right now, take a look at our FAQ Page where I've already started answering some questions.

I look forward to working with you.

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