Are LinkedIn Showcase Pages Right for Your Business?

Are LinkedIn Showcase Pages Right for Your Business?

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Why LinkedIn Showcase Pages Need to Be Part of Your Plan!

Recently LinkedIn presented their latest innovation, which is LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Prior to running screaming into the night at the mere thought of yet another social media project you have to do, let's examine what could be a really neat tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a welcome new tool in your LinkedIn Arsenal. Instead of changing your LinkedIn Company page, which should remain your main hub on LinkedIn, the Showcase Pages act as specifically targeted pages catering to a selected segment of your LinkedIn audience.

Targeting a particular item or aspect of your business can result in a far more focused user experience for those interested. While Company pages are still the comprehensive face of your business, Showcase Pages are a welcome addition to laser-target items or areas of your business you'd like to focus on. They are not meant to replace Company Pages. They work very much the same as a Company Page or indeed, a Facebook page, as you can share your best content as well as post sponsored ads.

Several ways to use your LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Companies for the present time are permitted up to ten Showcase Pages, and they are utilizing them in various, innovative ways.

  • Announcing special offers or deals
  • Showcasing new products
  • News and profiles of your company and industry
  • Info regarding events or webinars
  • Links to your other content on different channels
  • Placing ads to drive traffic to your pages
  • Getting more followers to your pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are very simple to set up, and are very much an answer to Facebook pages, down to the large “hero” image gracing the top of each page. Info on your company and page is located at the top, just under the main image.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are worth a look!

We're always on the lookout for great ways to share content easily and quickly. LinkedIn Showcase Pages appear to be exactly that, and are deserving of a close look.

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  1. Ella Rich

    Nice details of the new showcase pages. This is a great idea for company that wants to actually focus on a particular product or service or that have many sub-brands. Thanks!

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