rudy labordus picRudy Labordus is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Online Crowd. He is an internationally acclaimed author, marketing strategist and speaker and has run his own successful advertising agency for over 15 years.

Read some of the client testimonials below to see some of Rudy's success.

When we opened our gates I thought I was watching feeding time at the zoo, people were everywhere. We sold 45 spas on Saturday and a further 37 on Sunday. That's half a million dollars in one weekend. We never believed it possible.

Brian Williamson, Barrier Reef Spas

Community Newspaper enjoyed an extremely profitably December. I mainly attribute this to the campaign Rudy created which targeted our agency business. The campaigns creative strategy certainly put Community in the limelight.

David Bignold, Community Newspapers

We've experienced a 41% increase in turnover resulting in a very healthy business.

Balt and Francesa van der Meer, Darlington Estate

While most companies in our industry were experiencing a downturn, Rudy helped us grow by more than 100%. I would highly recommend Rudy to anyone (Except to someone in our industry).

Mark Moscou, CEO, Pride Pool Warehouse

The “outside the dots” mind set Rudy has is truly great and this is the sort of inspiration we need.

Damian Ten Bohmer, Director of Business Development, Rydges Hotels

Our campaign received extremely favourable results. We only sent out 500 mailings and have already generated between $45,000 and $50,000 of sales.

Nunzio Nici, General Manager, Archistone

There are many more testimonials from companies in all different industries and from all different sizes. If you'd like to know about any specific business or industry experience we have, feel free to leave us a message and we'll get something over to you.

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