Do You Realise You're Only A ‘Misunderstanding' Away From Being Torn To Shreds Online?

Have you looked up your name, your company or your product name on google lately?  If someone hasn't already written something about you, chances are you're only a hiccup away from having your hard earned reputation destroyed by a bitter staff member, upset customer or maybe even a very clever competitor who understands how to manipulate the biggest viral marketing machine in our history… the internet.

20 Years And It Took Just 1 Person.

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I've been involved in marketing for over 20 years.  I have an excellent reputation with significant clients all over Australia.  But one day I made a big mistake – I hired someone online in India who I fired, after 8 weeks of reminders and requests to please start working.

To make a long story short, he refused to refund my deposit unless I gave him a  5 star rating, which of course I refused and subsequently reported him for unethical behaviour.

This made him very bitter – to the point where he posted fake scam alerts about me under a psuedo name so I couldn't prove it was him.  Once posted, the site owners refused to remove the posts.  I was allowed to ‘respond' but I chose not to entertain him or the posts in case it just spurred him on.

Unfortunately anytime after that when people looked up my name, they also saw these fake scam alerts which caused them concern and doubt.  But you can forget about loss of income – just imagine what my ‘internet non-savvy' mother said about tarnishing our good family name when she searched my name on google! Argh!

Reputation Management Is Like A Pending Virus, Ignore It At Your Own Peril.

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Reputation Management is watching and manipulating what “the internet” says about a company’s products, services, and key employees. If someone feels mistreated by a company or an individual, it takes mere seconds to post negative feedback all over the web…
Something as simple as a review, tweet, or Facebook post can create a viral avalanche of negative press for big businesses and small businesses alike.  Why does it matter? It matters because there are no ‘qualifications' to verify the truth behind these complaints.

Image Shield - Not ImpressedSome are legitimate. Others aren't. And it's costing businesses money.

For example:

  • An angry ex-employee creates problems.
  • A bitter former spouse discredits the owner of a business.
  • Disgruntled ex-partners take actions that have a major impact on a company’s profits.

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Image Shield is a proprietary reputation management system that effectively cleans up any mess spread around the internet and develops a shield around you and your business to minimise the impact of any future malice.

Here's what we do…

Online Crowd Protects Your Business Against Malicious And Untrue Attacks Caused By Bitter Staff, Disgruntled Customers And Unethical Competitors.

  • We reshape Google (and other Search Engine) Results to display the right message and “hide” the wrong message
  • We monitor what’s being said about your company, it’s products, and it’s executives.
  • We protect businesses from negative press..

Are you ready to take us for a spin?

Full 100% RISK FREE Guarantee

I personally guarantee Image Shield will reduce the impact of negative comments against you or your business or we won't charge you a cent.There's nothing worse than having someone say something bad about you that sticks in cyberspace forever. Especially when it's not true.

For A Limited Time Only… We'll Give You A Free Analysis Of Your Internet Reputation…

We’ll evaluate your current Internet Reputation for several keywords related to your business – Including both positive and negative results, and schedule a time for an initial one-on-one consultation.