5 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Limited Budget

5 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Limited Budget

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How to Market Effectively on a Small Budget

Okay, we all can agree that not every business has an ample marketing budget, allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity under the sun. Even huge companies have limitations, and working creatively within your means, however meager, is a key to success online.

We're going to take a look at 5 effective ways you can market your small business on a limited budget. We'll detail them; all you need to do is do them!

Check Out These 5 Tips for Marketing with a Small Budget

Be Social-Minded – These days social media is where the people are, and you will be missing out if you do not take advantage of this. Social sites offer you the best opportunity to distribute your content to a vast audience, many of whom you are not yet connected to! Get active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and also Pinterest and Instagram if you have ANY visual aspects to your business. This is excellent for direct traffic, referrals, and customer service.

Utilize Email – There is no reason not to build and maintain an email list for your business. In fact, running without one, seriously hampers your long-term prospects. You can count on your competition using it. If you're afraid of costs, there are great free solutions like Mailchimp if you're just starting out. You can upgrade to a paid account when your business justifies it.

Build a Killer Blog – This is a great low-cost way to advertise and promote your business, and you can do it nearly for free. A blog can be great for engaging with and adding new customers and prospects, and helping to build and sustain your online authority. Be active there, and post many types of content to keep it fresh and interesting.

Get Visual – These days we are a visual lot, and it's a proven fact that visual content engages and interests your audience many times more than just text. Make use of videos, infographics, memes, images and other visuals with everything you do. You will get less bounces, more engagement and ultimately better results.

Start with Paid Advertising – Now don't stop reading here, just because you feel you haven't got the money to do this, or the time to learn it. Frankly, it's flat out cheap to start using paid ads, ($1-$5 a day) and at those prices, you can not only afford it, but can also learn on the job at a low cost. Paid ads are the quickest and most targeted way to get new prospects to your pages, end of story. Don't believe that, try it!

If you need help generating leads, please call us. We have an excellent lead generation program where we pay for all your advertising expenses and take all the risk for you. You only pay when you get results. This is a massive undertaking and understandably we're limited in how many companies we can help at any one time. If you're interested and find the program paused or not available, just leave your details and we'll let you know when it re-opens.

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