5 Tips for Better Content Promotion

5 Tips for Better Content Promotion

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Check Out These 5 Ways You Can Extend the Reach of Your Content

There are two big things you need if you want to do business on the internet. One is to produce great content. There's simply no way to do business if you can't produce the content that people want to see. The second is to reach as many people as you possibly can with that content.

The major obstacle to most content doing the job it was created to do is the lack of eyeballs on it. Producing the content is only half the battle: you have to actively promote that content for all you're worth to get it to reach as many people as possible. Your content is only as good as how widely it is shared.

So how can you do content promotion to extend your content's reach? Let's take a peek at 5 ways for you to do just that!

5 Tips for Content Promotion

Use your email list – Sending an email announcing your new content is a super easy (and free) way to get more views to your content. Encourage your subscribers to socially share and forward this email to people they know who might be interested.

Share on Social Media – Similarly, don't neglect to send out links to your content on your social media channels. Many times this is the best way to get visitors there fast, and you never know how many connections this person has. You could be talking to a huge audience without realizing it!

Run Social Ads – Placing low-cost ads on sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites where it is appropriate can make great sense, especially if your content will lead to sales. Mobile ad platforms are excellent for this as well, since they are very inexpensive. Don't be afraid to dive into this one.

Consider Content Amplification Services – One step further is the use of a content amplification service like Outbrain or Taboola. These sites charge you for clicks to your content only, and ads for your content will appear on major media outlets, like CNN, ESPN, Fox News, ABC News and many more. Worth considering if you have strong content that will convert.

Seek out Promotional Sites – There are several highly-trafficked sites that are easy to place your links on. Many of these are free or very low-cost. Some of these are sites like Inbound.org, Snip.ly, Scoop.it, Slideshare, BlogEngage, Triberr and AllTop.

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