Why Your Content Has No Afterlife

Why Your Content Marketing Has No Afterlife

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Why Isn't Your Content Marketing Going Viral?

You work your tail off getting your content to a point where you feel as though the Pope himself is going to be in awe, but when you post it, it has all the impact of a bowl of wet noodles.

Of course there are no guarantees that anything we write is going to hit it big, many times we feel as though we've actually created terrific content marketing that for whatever reason isn't able to catch the fancy of our audience.

Rather than wring our hands in angst, let's have a look at 3 possible reasons your content may not be catching fire.

3 Reasons that your content marketing isn't resonating

Lack of emotional appeal – This is actually the big one. Sharing content that strikes a chord on a gut level is something we all do. Be sure to appeal to your readers emotion by addressing the pain points of whatever it is your content is covering, and showing them a way to handle that. Writing in a more conversational, personal tone may help foster this kind of connection, versus a dry, overly technical or jargon-laden piece.

Bad distribution – If your content marketing distribution network isn't nearly as refined as it might be, you will undoubtedly see your content failing to reach as far and wide as it might. Make sure you give it the best shot possible by sharing it on your own social media channels, asking all those who have an interested audience to share it, and getting it out to your email list, and asking them to share. You may also want to think about giving special content an advertising boost, like with a Twitter ad, or Facebook promoted post, to help build some initial momentum.

It's not sharable – Consider this one: what motivates you to share? Is it inspiring, funny, moving, or just plain weird. Does it make your blood boil, give great insight or otherwise make you think? If your content isn't achieving some of these, you can be assured your readers won't be in a hurry to share this with their friends and followers as well.

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