The Latest in Social Media Updates for your Small Business

The Latest in Social Media Updates for your Small Business

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What's Useful in the Latest Social Media Updates

Social media is nothing if not constantly changing, which on the surface can be quite discouraging. We may already feel as though it's next to impossible to keep up, but I would argue that more often than not, these changes are improvements, and designed to make things easier and more effective, and not simply change for change sake.

Whether it's a new way to publish content, publicize your wares, or network with your audience, social platforms change constantly, and often for the better.

To make this easier, we've found some of the more interesting and possibly beneficial social media updates that have come down the road recently, and present 5 of them here for you to see!

5 New Social Media Updates that Can Benefit Your Small Business

Facebook Instant Articles – A great new change for those publishing and spreading information on mobile devices is the introduction of Facebook Instant Articles, which is a wildly interactive and innovative platform that allows users to zoom in, comment on, listen to audio and more directly on the page itself.

Twitter Loading up Characters in DMs – Starting in July 2015, Twitter has lifted the 140 character restriction on direct messages. (Not Tweets!) in an effort to allow better interaction and engagement on the platform. Your mind should be spinning at the possibilities this might afford!

More Social Results in Google Search – At least for mobile (desktop later) Google has begun displaying Tweets as social results in a web search. Simply search for your interest on the Google App and see what's being talked about in real time on Twitter relating to your search subject.

Twitter's Killer New Search Page – Even more from Twitter, a new, full-featured search results page which provides a far cleaner and useful interface. You can also filter your searches quite nicely, to further refine your search queries.

Better LinkedIn Reporting form Simply Measured – If you've been using the social analytics company Simply Measured you might have noticed a new report for LinkedIn publishers that offers a much deeper dive into their analytics. There is a ton of metrics to analyze, and also an updated cross channel social performance report feature that covers 8 of the most popular social networks, including LinkedIn.

Social media is in a constant state of changeand up with some of the shifts will help keep your social efforts fruitful.

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