The Basics of SEO for E-commerce

The Basics of SEO for E-commerce

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What to Consider When Doing SEO for E-commerce

SEO for E-commerce is not all that much different than SEO for anything else, however it does have some unique aspects you'll want to bear in mind.

With quite a few new players in the E-commerce game lately, the importance of getting your site noticed and ranked ahead of the others is extremely important.

The fundamentals of SEO, such as great content, quality inbound links and a good social media campaign, surely apply for E-commerce sites, as well. But there are other necessary strategies that ought to be applied when it comes to SEO for E-commerce sites.

5 Important Aspects of SEO for E-commerce

Unique content – Don't make the blunder that most newcomers to E-commerce make when creating their product pages, that is simply copying and pasting an Amazon or other product description they find somewhere onto their pages. This does not sit well with Google, and you won't rank well. Make unique content for your pages!

Reviews and social proof – Many times the factor that tips the sale in your favor is the inclusion of product reviews and other social proof in the form of testimonials. These are gold: make use of them!

Redirect old product pages – When you retire a product and simply ignore it, it still gets traffic and may eventually lead to a 404 error page, a bad SEO signal to Google. Avoid this by redirecting your old pages to new, more relevant ones.

Use unique imagery – Use unique images on your pages too. Like duplicate content in the form of text, using the same images found on Amazon won't help you. If you can take on some image editing, it's simple enough to alter the images enough to make them unique, and perhaps adding a message of your own.

Use different types of content – Shake it up on your E-commerce pages. Like other web pages, people like to see a variety of content, and this can make your product stand out. Videos, demos and testimonials can help immensely.

Using these small tweaks together with traditional on-page SEO can lead to your pages leapfrogging over the competition. All it will require is a little more work!

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