Check Out these 5 E-Commerce Software Solutions

Check Out these 5 E-Commerce Software Solutions

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5 Great E-Commerce Software Choices for your Online Stores

You've decided to take the plunge and set up your online store, but are stumped on how to obtain the best e-commerce solution for your particular business.

Don't despair, you're hardly alone. A lot of aspiring merchants have to deal with this question at some point, and what we want to do here is give you a few choices we've uncovered that merit a good look.

We're only going to consider hosted e-commerce software solutions this time, as self-hosted is a much more challenging endeavor, requiring a great deal more technical savvy than many new e-commerce entrepreneurs possess. Never fear though, as after checking out these choices, you'll be much better armed to make a smart decision on what's best for your company and business!

5 Software solutions for E-commerce stores

Shopify – Shopify is well known as the being dog in this space, and it's definitely an earned reputation. Possessing all of the tools necessary for you to produce an attractive and easy to use platform, they also have a lot of awesome themes to give your store just the right look. Not the most affordable, but clearly the best. So far they have more than 160,000 stores online.

BigCommerce – Another of the early adopters in this space, BigCommerce is quite similar to Shopify but technically a bit more challenging. They are quite popular as well, with more than 90,000 stores using their software!

Wix E-Commerce – One of the easiest to use tools with Wix you can literally have your store up in a matter of a few hours, depending on the number of your offerings. They offer a ton of flexibility and a fully integrated shopping cart.

Weebly E-Commerce – The e-commerce tool of choice for more than 440,000 sites, Weebly makes it easy to produce a store, but in my experience the building platform can be slow and unresponsive. Still, a good tool for beginners.

SquareSpace – This solution offers some stunning looks and can help you produce a good-looking store in no time. Although they may not have as many features as Shopify and BigCommerce, you can picture Squarespace as a lower-cost little brother.

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