Exactly How are Small Businesses Using Social Media

Exactly How are Small Businesses Using Social Media?

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Check Out How Small Businesses are Utilizing Social Media

Everyone understands now that social media, while once considered a massive time waster, has evolved into a powerful and quick solution for getting new leads and sales into your small business. What hasn't yet become clear are the ways small businesses are using social media. Considering that there are many avenues to discover in social media, we think we should give you a peek into how small business owners like yourselves are using social media.

See how you compare, and what you may want to implement for your small business marketing going forward in 2015.

What are small businesses doing with social media

It's now being reported that 74.5 percent of small businesses are utilizing social media to brand and otherwise promote their companies. And, they're not afraid to spend some money either. Some 21.4 percent of these same businesses list social media as where their media dollars are spent. They're not doing this for a time wasting activity!

What's also clear is that Facebook is the leader in helping small business right now, with a full 55 percent of these companies having a Facebook Page, and 20 percent of these are using Facebook Ads to promote posts on those pages.

There are other players, obviously, and some of these include LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also have Google+ in this group, even as they transform yet again into what's is known as Google My Business, an all-encompassing amalgam of Google+, Places, Local and Maps. (and probably something else by now!)

How can you get your business started with social media?

The first thing to do is to make a decision to start and stay active. Too many times you'll see a Facebook Page tossed up with little care and no ongoing attention. You're doing this to garner prospects and new customers for your business; don't make this mistake!

Start with only a few social properties, like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and maybe Twitter. If you have a lot of products that you can showcase, think about adding Pinterest and Instagram. The key here though is to make sure you don't take on more than you can reasonably manage.

Be sure and post unique, useful content that will make people want to click through to your other properties, like your site, Blog or YouTube channel, and make an effort to engage with anyone who makes the effort to seek you out socially. You'll find that the benefits of social media will soon begin to show themselves!

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