See What’s New in Local SEO and 7 Ways to Make it Better

See What’s New in Local SEO and 7 Ways to Make it Better!

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Enhance your Local SEO with These 7 Great Tips

There's little doubt that it takes some work to stay up with all the changes surrounding Local SEO these days. Since Google has publicly admitted they make between 500 to 600 changes to the search algorithm every year, it's no wonder people sometimes throw their hands up in frustration when trying to optimize for local SEO.

If your head starts spinning at the mere mention of things like Pigeon, the Local Carousel, and MobileGeddon, then we have good news for you.

In order to keep things simple here, we've distilled our list of best Local SEO practices to a mere 7. Implement these as soon as you can for best results!

7 Best Practices for Local SEO

Continue to build links – These days it's not really the amount of links you have but the quality, and the best way to get authoritative incoming links is to create awesome content people are dying to share and link to.

Be sure to GEO-target your pages – The Pigeon update was all about preferring local content over global when possible. Make it possible on your pages with local geo-modifiers.

Citations still matter – These days it's about getting quality citations, and cleaning them up so you don't have duplicate entries and inconsistent data.

Solicit customer reviews – This is the highest form of social proof available, and studies are showing that the overwhelming majority (90%) consult product reviews before purchasing. Ask your present customers; they'll usually be happy to comply.

Utilize your Google My Business – The latest local business tool offered by Google, this one's a keeper. With Google My Business, you can do many things from this virtual tool suite, including managing your online reviews.

Create and optimize local images – Use unique local images and make sure they are geo-tagged appropriately. This can help you in several ways, including Google Images, the 7 pack, Your Google My Business page and more.

Take advantage of social sharing – Make sure you have social media icons present on all your pages and content so as to provide your audience with the opportunity to share your content far and wide!

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