How to Develop Traffic Sources for Your Site

How to Develop Traffic Sources for Your Site

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Choose the Right Kind of Traffic Sources for Your Site

You've likely heard it or said it a million times, “I can't get enough web traffic!”

When you begin to realize that there are hundreds of tactics to drive web traffic to your pages, you often jump on the cheapest and fastest strategy you can find, in the hopes that you'll soon be swamped with visitors interested in what you have to offer.

This seldom turns out well. What you'll get, if anything, is a bunch of visitors who stay a few seconds each, seldom engaging or doing anything else beneficial on your site. This is primarily because you have failed to figure out exactly what type of traffic best includes your audience, and how to effectively get it. What's really needed here is a plan that takes into account who your specific audience is, and where they typically hang out. Then you can begin to craft a strategy. Let's check out what you need to do to make this happen.

Pre-Thinking your traffic campaign

There are several things to know before you start flinging ad money and content all over the place to develop traffic sources for your site

  • Understand your audience – This is key to knowing how to advertise effectively, paid or not. Are they male or female? Young or old? Rich or poor? Make a detailed customer avatar that you know inside and out before you spend a dime!
  • Discover where they hang out – Your audience congregates somewhere; it's your job to find out where. That might be on a social site, forums, or popular website. Get this intelligence and act on it!
  • Tools you can use to help – Probably the best tool to use currently is Facebook's Audience insights. You need an ad account to use this, but it's free. There is so much available demographic information here it's scary. Another tool is Alexa.

Okay, now what?

Only after gathering this critical intelligence can you start making decisions about which web traffic sources may be right for your particular audience. This might end up being a video marketing campaign on YouTube, paid ads from the likes of Google Adwords for Facebook Ads, or a content marketing initiative aimed at getting pages ranked on the search engines.

Whatever method it ends up being, the point is to make sure you have targeted your audience as best you can BEFORE you begin to market. It's all about finding the best return on your investment you can!

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