How to Create a Winning Marketing Plan for your Small Business

How to Create a Winning Marketing Plan for your Small Business

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See What Goes into a Marketing Plan for your Small Business

Often when we're starting out with a new business venture it's all too easy to be tempted into a Ready, Fire, Aim mindset, leaving the planning for later if ever. It's our hope to talk you into restraining that enthusiasm just a tad while you take the time to craft a marketing plan that will provide a roadmap for your small business, before you begin assigning a lot of cash or effort to it.

This is not all that challenging, but it's a needed step if you would like to avoid a few possible pitfalls on the way. Here are 5 tips designed to help you create a marketing plan unique to your small business.

5 Tips for a killer small business marketing plan

Determine your goals – You need one primary goal, and a few smaller intermediate type goals that will help motivate and gauge progress along the way. Write them down so all can see and be held accountable.

Decide on your audience – Understanding the audience you're marketing to is critical, and make every effort to have a firm grip on your customer avatar before you embark upon a marketing campaign. Take an in-depth look into your current customers, or those you are hoping to be, and create a profile of what your ideal customer looks like.

How to best deliver your marketing – Understanding the means of delivery is important as well. That may mean many things to many companies. For one it could very well be paid traffic, another may go the organic search route. Whatever it is, make sure you not only know what serves your particular audience best, but that you have the expertise and people to pull it off.

Know what else you need – There will more than likely be pieces in the puzzle that are essential to the plan that need to be in pace as well. This can sometimes be a marketing funnel, landing pages or an email marketing sequence.

Set a timeline – Giving your campaign a timeline for implementation and completion is important to a successful marketing plan. It will also help keep all members of the team on task and striving towards the goal.

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