Inexpensive Ways to Market a Small Business Online

Inexpensive Ways to Market a Small Business Online

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Cheap Ways to Market a Small Business Online

In order for any small business to remain relevant and competitive in today's business environment, it takes a reasonable and viable marketing strategy.

Fortunately today, it's easier than ever to market a small business online. Having said that, marketing a small business with a small budget can be quite a bit tricky. Free and low cost takes more time and effort, but the opportunities are many. Let's focus on some basic, effective and best of all inexpensive ways to market a small business online.

Use Social Media – Social media has significantly changed all facets of human life. Due to the millions of active users on social media, social media has turned into a honeypot for many small businesses. The first step towards reaping the benefits of marketing in social media is opening social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. One great way of ensuring that you effectively use social media avenues in your marketing plan is via posting engaging, relevant, and informative content.

Your Website – I assume you have a site for your company, and if not, this needs to be your first order of business. Today, they are incredibly easy to either set up yourself or have done for you, and thus create a base of operations for your business. Do yourself a favor however, and make sure you do not use a website solution where you don't actually own the site. While these seem like an easy way to go, in the end you don't end up owning any online assets and your options are extremely limited. Opt instead for your own domain, hosting and site design. You'll be glad you did!

Get Awesome Business Cards – Another business staple, a card can help you reach those who may not be as savvy online as others. It can also be a great tool for lead generation.

Be a Presence at Local Events – Even if your business is not locally-oriented, coming out and giving a face to your business will net you many more leads than you thought possible. You'll never know who the person you network with today will end up being tomorrow. (And don't forget to bring those new business cards!)

If you need help generating leads, please call us. We have an excellent lead generation program where we pay for all your advertising expenses and take all the risk for you. You only pay when you get results. This is a massive undertaking and understandably we're limited in how many companies we can help at any one time. If you're interested and find the program paused or not available, just leave your details and we'll let you know when it re-opens.


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