15 Awesome Social Media Tips for Beginners

15 Awesome Social Media Tips for Beginners

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Get Social Media Off to a Roaring Start with these 15 Tips

Everyone has to start somewhere, and social media is just too big a sea of people not to dip your feet into. Instead of allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed, take a peek at these 15 social media tips here and see if they can help you get out of the starting gate and on your way to a vibrant, effective social media presence.

15 Beneficial Social Media Tips

1. Use imagery in your posts – Studies show that people respond far more often to visual media these days.

2. Post frequently – Logging in and posting every once in a while is not going to cut it.

3. Respond – Spend time to reply to all of the comments you receive from others. This will help you connect with your target audience.

4. Don't oversell – (Notice I didn't say “Don't sell”.) Pushing too hard to sell your products and services is a huge turn-off in social media.

5. Be careful when using hashtags – While you want to use them to increase user engagement, using too many can be detrimental.

6. Stay on point – Always keep things relevant. Straying too far off topic will reduce user interest.

7. Don't kick back – Don't respond negatively to bad feedback. You will NEVER win at this! Make sure to respond and stay professional.

8. Brevity is key – Try not to post overly long messages. People will get bored by the time they reach the end.

9. Be active in comments – Always allow users to comment and show up to engage there. Disabling them signals that you don't care what users have to say.

10. Use tools – Scheduling posts with tools can help you manage your posting more effectively, especially when you need to be absent. Think Hootsuite, Buffer and a few others.

11. Be visual – Post videos and other graphic content as often as you are able. These get far more engagement and get shared much more than mere text.

12. Focus your efforts – Pick a few social media platforms to focus on and do those well, rather than spreading yourself too thin trying to hit everyone. Consider the majors like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

13. Mix it up – Post diverse types of content so as to keep things interesting. Post, videos, memes, product reviews, testimonials and more.

14. Be generous – Everyone loves a deal, and offering them to your social audience is an excellent way to gain trust and shares.

15. Keep it light – Don't forget this can be fun! Don't hesitate to be a little edgy, and not so PC!

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