How to Optimize Social Media Posts That Get the Clicks

How to Optimize Social Media Posts That Get the Clicks

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How to Get More Clicks from Your Social Media Posts

There may be few things more frustrating than spending a great deal of time and energy on social media only to see those efforts to optimize social media posts bear no fruit when no one bothers to comment, engage share, or worst all, not click on your links.

There are a few ways to escape the black hole of social postings, and we're going to cover that right now.

3 Ways to optimize your social posts for more clicks

Be sure to ask for Shares, Likes and Retweets – Being that this is social media, people will respond to requests if they feel what they're sharing has value. Did you catch that last part? It needs to be something of value they are sharing. Optimize your social posts by creating unique content that they haven't seen in seventy-four other places is the key here. Asking then is a no-brainer, as it means they look great and feel good about sharing this with their audience.

Be sure to craft your call-to-action with care – Simply because you stick a link on the page doesn't mean anyone is going to click it. Give them a reason and a need to do so. Make your calls to action benefit laden and problem solving. Also, be as specific as you can: “Access this today to get rid of your acne in 3 days!” works much better than a generic “Click here”.

Get creative with imagery – Across every social network you can think of, images rule. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and for that matter YouTube all possess robust image and video capabilities. And you know, no one is shy about sharing images and videos to their circle of influence.

It's your job to start the conversations, upload the images, post great content and ask for the actions. Optimize social media posts and you'll surely see a whole lot more clicks!

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