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How to Figure Out Your Social Media Demographic

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Why Should You Know Your Social Media Demographic?

Knowing your social media demographic or who your followers are helps make the difference in whether or not social media is a profitable venture of a humongous time-suck. We may have thousands of followers and fans, but if we aren't conscious of what they are interested in, or what facets of our business they find appealing, we frequently learn that the response we get can be something less than thrilling. Since we know we need to match message to market, let's see how we can find out about the like and dislikes of our social media fans.

So how do you determine social media demographic?

When we go to analyze an audience for a web page, we frequently use tools like and Quantcast. These aren't quite enough for what we're looking for here, but lucky for you, there are some new tools on the market that will help arm you with all the information you need about your social media demographics.

Here are three social media demographic tools that do the job!

DemographicsPro Formerly known as KnowYourFollowers, this Twitter tool is most like many of the other demographic tools you might have been familiar with. It breaks down your followers into only the information you need, as per your request. You're able to uncover info on country, state, gender, interests, others they follow, their employment and much more. Everything is presented both numerically and percentage-wise, letting you make the best use of the data to better target your followers. A few of the other areas you can look into include marital status, race, income and brand preferences.

Birdsong Birdsong is a social intelligence tool that delivers on demand reports with analysis and insight as to what brands are doing on their social outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and others. This is extremely useful to understand how your competition is targeting their social media, and how you can too!

SoDash SoDash is a versatile tool blending listening to social media, lead generation, customer service, brand management and competition monitoring  into one useful suite of social media intelligence.

Making sure you have an understanding of the buzz surrounding you and your competitors is step one in being able to profit from your social media marketing.


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