5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Going with Online Marketing

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Going with Online Marketing

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Learning How to Market Your Small Business

Congratulations! You've made the decision to market your small business online, and now it's time to get started with some marketing. We're assuming that you have the basics: a website with your own URL, not built on anyone else's platform. (i.e. Blogger, Wix, etc) You want to own your business, not have it exist at the whim of another.

Online marketing isn't a dark art reserved just for those wearing Black Hats and frequenting hacker forums. The slick SEO consultant who comes calling will be charging you a lot of money for many things you can easily do yourself.

It's really not rocket science, but many are scared to make a mistake. Let's dispel some of those fears by taking a look at 5 steps new marketers can take to get going with online marketing your small business.

5 Tips to market your small business online

Start Blogging – Blogging is easy, and carries with it some inherent benefits for a small business. It will help you establish your brand, build authority, and start building a following, all essential elements of online success.

Learn how to use social media – This is where your audience is hanging out these days. If you want to connect with them, you'll need to learn how to use it effectively.

Monitor your online reputation Set up alerts so that you can be aware of and respond to any social or website mentions of you or your company. It's much easier to do this and catch something when it's a small spark before it ignites into a firestorm.

Begin building an email list – The number one thing successful online marketers say when asked if they could do one thing differently, is that they wished they'd started building an email list from Day One. Don't be one of those guys.

Make use of online directories – Get your business listed in all the major online directories for small businesses, such as Yelp, Google My Business, Merchant Circle and others. One extremely important must-do on this is to be sure that your NAP info, (name, address, phone) is consistent over all of these sites. Make it easy for people to find you!

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