Try Something Different and Offline to Pump Up the Business!

5 Ways Offline Marketing Can Help Drive the Bottom Line

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Try Something Different and Offline to Pump Up the Business with Offline marketing!

Since most of our focus these days is put into our online efforts, it's easy to ignore anything offline that might have as much or more impact on our business. Offline marketing has been around a few more centuries than online, and should not be tossed out like yesterday's news.

5 Offline Marketing Ideas that worked for many years still do!

  1. An attractive business card An owner with no business card is like a ship without a rudder. It is directionless, and ultimately will show off as less than professional. Business cards are still a valuable tool, and you should make it your business to have great card on hand at all times!
  2. Promotional products and informative pamphlets – You can accomplish this in a number of creative and fun ways. It doesn't only have to be a newsletter or printed matter about your products or business. You can use tangible items like cups, t-shirts, towels, key chains and bumper stickers. People enjoy that stuff!
  3. Meet Ups and events – Getting your face out there at local events is a perfect way to connect to those who aren't yet acquainted with you or your company. Find a local event that's a fit with your niche and you're on your way!
  4. Sponsorship of a local team or organization – This one has several pluses. Not only do you get a ton of ongoing advertising, you create goodwill and trust among the community. This can work not only for sports teams, but nearly any organization that is in need of a few bucks.
  5. Start a local business network – Assuming there isn't already one you're a part of, you can take advantage of this absence by making one. If there's one around, join it and jump in. This is a fantastic way to make local contacts that are willing to help one another's company with referrals and joint ventures.

Offline marketing is still a viable source of leads and sales.

Ignore it at your own peril!

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