3 Benefits Local Businesses Can Get From Live Video Streaming

3 Benefits Local Businesses Can Get From Live Video Streaming

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3 Benefits Local Businesses Can Get From Live Video Streaming

Really Affordable

Maybe the biggest benefit of Facebook's live video, and other services like it, is the fact that implementation is amazingly affordable. In fact, company owners can start a live stream right from their telephone. This means whether they are at a residential district event, discussing a local occurrence or simply providing a quick “how-to” video for fans needing more info on a topic, live video can get the job done without having to break the bank.

Delivers Sense of Urgency

Advertising 101 dictates that creating a sense of urgency will lead to speedy results. When shoppers know something is not going to last long, they are more likely to pay attention. Because of its nature, live video generates that feeling.

Thankfully, Facebook and certain other live streaming services save the video for later viewing. This means consumers coming around late can still reap the benefits of the clip. For those who see the stream pop up on their feed as it starts, though, the fact that it is happening right now means they will click just to see what is going on.

Additional Analytics Opportunities

Offline marketing may still be important, but the analytics provided by online strategies are crucial. Just like any other post on Facebook, the social media giant will provide analytics for a live cast. In fact, many companies allow budding online marketers to see how many people are watching in real time. Whether a corporation outsources or does their own marketing, these additional metrics can help mold better marketing and advertising strategies.

Live video streaming is undoubtedly a new frontier for local businesses. That is why they need to get at the forefront and beat their competition. And with all the above mentioned added benefits, it seems almost negligent to not make use of the tool.


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    It’s interesting to know that businesses can benefit from live streaming! It makes sense that it would be affordable. It’s a good way to get your name out there with quick results!

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