What Components to Test On Your Landing Pages

What Components to Test On Your Landing Pages

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Which Landing Pages Elements to Test and Why

We know we need to test our various landing pages for many things. The problem is that most of us haven't yet learned not only what landing pages elements to test, but also how to go about it.

Testing is far and away the most effective way to help improve conversions, which means money. Testing your landing pages needs to be embraced in the most nurturing way possible, for it can be the difference between success and failure in both individual campaigns as well as your entire business.

Let's have a look at some of the landing pages elements to test.

What Components to Test On Your Landing Pages?

Headlines – This might be the only thing they see before they decide to read on or leave, so it has to be good. Headlines can be as small a matter as a single word!

Colors and styles – Don't think you have to match your website colors and styles precisely, but rather adapt the style to the item being offered. Learn the psychology of color, and its effects on consumers, as this will drive more decisions than you realize!

Images and Videos – Make sure your images and videos are right for the page. Often a jarring image or video used out of convenience has the exact opposite effect than you had intended.

Sales copy – Sales copy can be complicated at best, and this is one of the more crucial testing components. Understanding the right length, tone, and various other elements of your copy can make a big difference, so be sure to test this item!

Prices – Unsure about the best price at which to offer your items? There is no better way to determine this than through testing. Your consumers will let you know in no uncertain terms, which price converts better.

Terms – Sometimes your terms will need to be tested out, to see if there are any stumbling blocks. This can be especially true in higher priced offers.

Test your call to action – Both the buttons themselves and text located on them should be tested. You'll be surprised just how big a difference this can make!

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