Want Your Images and Videos to Rank in Universal Search

Want Your Images and Videos to Rank in Universal Search?

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Scoring Great Rankings for Your Images and Videos in Universal Search

Lots of local marketers are a bit unclear about what exactly makes up Google's Universal Search. We need to define this at the start, before we look at how you can make the most of it for your local business.

Universal Search is the melding of Google's vertical search and the specialty searches, like for news, images, and videos. Often when entering a search request, you'll be shown a page that displays local businesses, along with maps, images and videos designed to help the visitor discover what they are seeking. For today, let's look at methods to rank your videos and images in Universal Search.

How to rank your videos in Universal Search

There are only a few items you really need to focus on with regards to optimizing your videos for Universal Search. The most important one is that you have good schema markup. This means that your code is not only clean, but relates the data that Google needs to discern what your video is about, and will help it rank well. Examples of these would include information that can be found on your YouTube channel, such as numbers of views, the length of your video, when you uploaded it and any family ratings information can be very helpful. It's important too to have your video description there, and that it is relevant to the page that it is on. Choosing your thumbnail image with a focus on receiving the most interest from viewers could also help.

How to optimize images specifically

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to optimizing your images for Universal Search is that they are unique. Google is becoming very good at understanding what is unique image content and what isn't. Produce your own image content, and then be sure to optimize them with good title and alt tags, as well as making sure there is relevant content surrounding them.

Use videos and images to claim virtual real estate

Having as many entries as you can on the first couple of pages is vital to your search engine performance. Properly optimized images and videos for Universal Search can help you to multiple listings that will in turn boost your results.

Get your images and videos rank in universal search now!

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