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Upviral Review and Case Study

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This Viral Referral Marketing tool is the ultimate platform for bringing in thousands of leads for virtually no cost.  Below is a brief UpViral Review. However, if you'd rather go straight to the source and learn more about UpViral, go ahead and click here.


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The Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platfrom, also known as UpViral, is a software designed to help increase a company’s customer and subscriber base, as well as their brand engagement. This platform eases the pain and hassle felt by business and company owners the world over when it comes to attracting more customers, increasing their sales, and engaging – and retaining – their current client pool. This review will help you understand the UpViral platform and its features.


Viral LoopFor a company to even hope for steady, continued growth, they need repeat loyal customers and a constant flow of new clients. All business owners know the power consumer to consumer referral, and the huge role it plays in practically every stage of the purchase cycle. Referrals work better as they are built on a level of familiarity and trust – something media advertising can’t fully achieve. This is why companies are constantly searching for the best customer referral program; one that can build on the potential of personal recommendations.

Sadly, it’s a never-ending search. Usually, loyal customers can refer your services and products once or twice, but that’s it. However, if they’re encouraged or given incentive to make referrals on a regular basis, there’s no denying that your business reaps maximum benefits from this. UpViral was created for this specific purpose – a referral marketing platform that turns your online presence viral.

UpViral’s creator, Wilco de Kreij, is a well-known name in the industry. Prior to UpViral, he’s launched successful product launches that have generated sales over $500,000. His latest contribution to the marketing world is expected to create quite the buzz, now being referred to as the Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform.


Understanding UpViral

As a Software as a Service Platform (SaaS), UpViral has proven to be a very efficient tool for brands and businesses in terms of attracting people and subsequently encouraging them to engage and promote to their friends and acquaintances – all through the use of a simple viral referral program. Designed on the understanding that today’s average consumer is well-informed and tech-savvy, UpViral adapts to the attitude of the customer. The campaigns you choose to run on UpViral can help acquire new customers, at the same time giving them something of value in order to incentivize their loyalty to you or your brand.

integrate funnel toolsSo, do viral referral platforms really get results? They do. In fact, Dropbox built their $10 billion empire simply by adding a viral referral mechanism into the Dropbox website which made it easy for customers to actively promote their services to anyone, anywhere. Smart advertising strategies and referrals caused their impressive 3900% growth – from 100,000 users to 4 million – in a mere 15 months!

Need more proof? UpViral’s beta testers garnered incredible results within just a few weeks, collecting thousands of email leads through their campaigns alone. It has proven its value with a 2-page site that collected 138,790 leads within 40 days plus a brand-new company that got a whopping 100,000 leads within a mere week.



The 3 Types of Viral Referral Marketing Campaigns That You Can Run With UpViral


UpViral’s referral marketing program offers you three types of campaigns to run, namely:

  • Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Generic campaigns for product launches

The concept behind UpViral is very simple: anyone would be willing to refer your business, product, or service to people they know, as long as there’s an appropriate incentive worth the minimal effort it takes to share and refer. However, it’s easier in theory than in practice. The competition is fierce, and will only continue to grow over time. To stay ahead, new rewarding techniques need to be conceptualized and applied. Rest assured that the three campaigns listed are innovative, straight-forward, and very simple to use. 



GivawayCampaign GIF

The Giveaway Campaign can work as a point system, where your customers earn points every time they refer a new friend. You can choose to either reward the people who garnered the most points, or you can hand out a reward (a giveaway) every time someone achieves a set number of points. The second option works like levels, with the rewards getting significantly bigger or better as the number of points increases. 



ContestCampaign GIFAlternatively, you can use the Contest Campaign to increase customer participation and visitor conversion. Simply by offering prizes or rewards for simply joining a contest, you’ll get thousands of participants immediately. Offering slightly bigger or more lucrative rewards for those who participate in the contest all the way through will also garner a solid flow of loyal, long-term participants. 


ProductLaunch GIF


Product launches are great ways to build up a waiting list for your product or services – and they’re a great way to assure sales before you even launch your product! By building a point system based on customer referrals, you can build huge anticipation without having to give away rewards or prizes just yet.



The beauty of viral referral marketing is that it is incredibly effective no matter what your target market is or what niche you’re in. Its global reach ensures your product or service is marketed worldwide. Business can spend millions in promoting and advertising, but their reach is severely limited to a specific physical area or form of media. Business that are unable to tap into the global market as soon as possible risk losing too much too soon, making it hard to recoup losses.

Viral referral platforms make it possible to spread word of your services nationally and internationally. Unlike advertising, it doesn’t make use of media – it makes use of human resource. People that are referred to your business are more likely to try your services or services, subscribe to your newsletter, or even download a free resource as it was recommended to them a friend, family member, or someone they know personally and trust. Viral referrals are a cheaper, more effective way to promote your business with a higher potential for customer loyalty and retention.


Review of UpViral's Features

UpViral is a simple, user-friendly platform that allows you to easily add the viral referral mechanism onto your website and benefit from this amazing strategy instantly. Its no-fuss user interface helps you run viral campaigns without requiring any sort of background knowledge or skill in complicated, technical terms. UpViral is also extremely versatile, and can work with website hosting platforms such as LeadPagesTM, Click Funnels, WordPress, and Instapage. As a bonus, UpViral comes with ready-made templates that are easily customizable to fit your theme and branding.

Setting up and customizing your campaign funnel is also extremely easy. UpViral allows you to play around with templates and features throughout the whole process, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply modifying built-in templates.



A/B Testing | Split Testing
Helps you test two different campaigns to see which works better

Campaign Settings
Lets you customize your point system and reward period, triggered every time a user takes action/participates in your campaigns

In-Depth Campaign Statistics
Provides demographics that help you keep track of your visitors, leads collected, and overall conversion rates

Email Notification System
Tiggered by actions related to your event, this feature sends an email alert every time someone signs-up for your campaign or a reward is unlocked.



While the standard UpViral platform already works well on its own, there are multiple extra tools and add-ons available that allow you to get the most out of UpViral’s unique referral mechanism.


ConnectAudienceConnectAudience is a tool that allows you to track a customer’s behaviour. It notifies you when a customer opens an email from you, visits the site, subscribes for your newsletter, or basically does anything that suggests a genuine interest in what you offer. Businesses waste resources all the time simply by targeting the wrong people. ConnectAudience makes it possible for you to interact with real customers and engage them on a completely different level, ensuring you that you’re reaching the right market for your product.


ViralHacking Masterclass

Viral Hacking Masterclass is a six week program that provides in-depth knowledge of viral marketing for its members. This is perfect for people who genuinely want to benefit from referral marketing’s unique approach to company promotion and branding.



UpViral Review: Conclusion

 The purpose of this review was to weigh the pros and cons of the platform and see how efficient it was as a referral marketing mechanism and a Software as a Service Platform overall. We can confidently say now that UpViral has proven itself to be a tidy, versatile package that any kind of business can benefit from. It’s user-friendly interface and simplified management settings make it easy to integrate into just about any pre-existing website or framework. It streamlines processes quite well, making it easier for people with no technical training or background to run viral marketing campaigns. It’s also highly customizable and incredibly adaptive, allowing the user to change the design at various stages.







Bonus Pack # 1: UberOptin WordPress Plug-In


Create great looking opt-in forms, for any WordPress Websites



Bonus Pack # 2: OptinPop! WordPress Plug-In


Easily create beautiful, high-converting exit pop-ups with just a few clicks for any WordPress Website





Kudos to the talented team behind the genius of this small-yet-powerful referral marketing package. The UpViral platform is user-friendly, highly-customizable, extremely versatile, and incredibly effective. Guaranteed to be huge success, this SaaS completely takes advantage of the “give-to-get” concept and turns it into something highly beneficial for big and small businesses alike.


upviral review ratingMy Opinion? Grab it while there's a hugely discounted launch price.  Plus score some amazing bonuses too!


Who is the developer Wilco De Kreij?

wilco de kreijWilco De Kreij is an experienced internet marketer living in Holland.

Personally I've bought just about every one of his products over a number of years.  He's a down to earth guy, he's an experienced marketer and is known for delivering a highly polished product.  He also delivers exceptional customer service to his customers and I would not hesitate to recommend any of his products (which of course includes UpViral).

Watch here as Wilco shows a case study, along with this powerful traffic strategy he uses to generate continuous, exponentially-growing traffic.

It's worth watching.  You'll be glad you did! Watch it here.


UpViral Review Summary:

Kudos to the talented team behind the genius of this small-yet-powerful referral marketing package. The UpViral platform is user-friendly, highly-customizable, extremely versatile, and incredibly effective. Guaranteed to be huge success, this SaaS completely takes advantage of the “give-to-get” concept and turns it into something highly beneficial for big and small businesses alike.

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