Positive Steps You Can Take When Your Site Loses Search Rankings

Positive Steps You Can Take When Your Site Loses Search Rankings

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See 5 Proactive Ways to Minimize a Drop in Search Rankings

Perhaps you've been there. You wake up one morning and you can't find your site in its customary high first page search ranking in Google. You look in vain through page 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then you see it, on page 5, effectively nonexistent so far as web traffic goes.

What can you do? Scream at your SEO guy? Open up that Christmas bourbon a wee bit early in the day? Blame it on the President?

Changes in search rankings happen frequently, but significant shifts as a result of an algorithm change are more dramatic, and can wreak havoc. Even though this is not at all within our control, take a peek at these 5 ways you can do when your site loses search rankings.

5 Solutions to minimize a drop in search rankings

  1. Monitor your site and rankings – If you haven't already make sure you are regularly monitoring your site and keyword positions. This is a great way to avoid surprises, and also to see where you need help.
  2. Get more social – Having more of your content shared on social media is an excellent counter measure you can use to help minimize a web rankings drop. The links and traffic will demonstrate to Google that your page is indeed still relevant and popular, and will help.
  3. Check Webmaster Tools – Have a look inside your Google Webmaster Tools account to see if you've incurred any penalties or if there are suggestions for your SEO. This could shine a light on your issues quickly.
  4. Check your SEO – Along with the step above, take a look at SEO, especially on-page, and see if you are missing any elements that should be present. Look at titles, descriptions, alt tags, and duplicate content issues. Resolve these and it might be a major help.
  5. Diversify your content and linking – Continuing to produce quality content and getting links still matters. Make an effort to diversify your content topics, (while still staying relevant) and also the links coming into those pages if you're able to control it.

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