How to create an effective email marketing follow-up sequence

How to create an effective email marketing follow-up sequence

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Creating an autoresponder email sequence that has a purpose

The most effective way to win with email marketing is to have an automated email autoresponder series set to do its stuff immediately after someone opts in to your list. So how do you create one of these? It does demand a bit of work initially, but the time savings later on is huge!

It's not merely a matter of dashing off an email every few days, usually loaded with affiliate links. This can work to a degree short term, but you'll soon realize that this type of valueless approach leads to mass unsubscribers and has you constantly working to replenish lost names. Why not work instead to not only keep the subscribers you get, but nurture and shower them with value. This is the way you establish a long term business with email. Let's check out several ways to ensure that happens!

Create an effective email marketing follow-up sequence

Know your goals – Knowing beforehand what your goals are when it comes to your email marketing follow-up makes the task much easier. It doesn't matter if you're seeking to make sales, create long-term relationships, or generate a buzz around your brand, knowing what and how you want to accomplish it is crucial.

Find your best strategy – This will vary from business to business, and it demands some thought. Elements that play into this directly include things like trust and authority, being front of mind in your market, and being personable, likeable, fun or all of the above. No one likes boring!

Determine your email sequence – Map this out on a spreadsheet, noting each email in the sequence, and its purpose. You'll want to decide how long the sequence ought to be, and there is no standard or perfect length. Some opt for only a dozen or so, while some may send 100. It's really your choice. Also, consider having separate email autoresponder series for people who have purchased, etc.

Write the emails – Now that you've got your purpose planned out, it's time to get down to it. If you are doing it yourself, do a bit of research into the psychology of selling via email, because this will make a difference. If you are outsourcing the writing, knowing this should help you know if what you're getting will stand a chance of working!

Employ tracking and testing – Any email service provider worth their salt will have extensive tracking statistics for you. Use these to tweak your emails as required to boost your results.

With an email autoresponder,  you can save not just gobs of time, but makes email marketing manageable.

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