Get a Handle on Managing all Your Visual Content Assets

Get a Handle on Managing all Your Visual Content Assets

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Get a Handle on Managing all Your Visual Content Assets

If your business is like many others these days, chances are you are creating visual content at a mind-blowing rate. The question that will soon arise, if it hasn't already, is how to manage these visual assets?

Assets they are, good for use in the future and as part of your company's intellectual property. If you ever wanted to sell the company sometime, it would be smart to have your visual content assets managed well.

The time savings alone that would occur if you didn't have to search low and high for that particular image or video are worth it. Let alone the need to make sure you have proof of your ownership of these images should a copyright infringement action come against you. That would be an expensive mistake, and one that is completely preventable. Let's take a quick look at how to get a better handle on your company's visual assets.

5 Tips for managing your visual content

Create or purchase a system – If you have someone on your team who can establish a system for you, great. If not, there are plenty of solutions available, including off site cloud solutions. A company called North Plains is a leader in digital asset management.

Name your files appropriately – Naming your files with a filename that can actually identify the content is a must-do. There's nothing worse than having to open dozens of files that are named IMG457723760 attempting to find one particular picture.

Limit access and establish guidelines – Be sure that you have some control over who accesses your files. This can change with time, but keeping up on it is preferable to having problems down the road.

Centralize your storage – Resist the temptation to have files in several different locations. Having your assets in one centralized location, with appropriate backup systems enabled, can make your life a lot easier.

Have a protocol for how it is used – Be sure that no one uses images or videos in a fashion or manner that isn't what you want. Eager and over-zealous employees can wreak havoc with well-meaning but misguided adventures.

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