Can Google Helpouts Actually Help a Small Business?

Can Google Helpouts Actually Help a Small Business?

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How to Use Google Helpouts in Your Small Business

Usually when we think about Google we aren't exactly getting warm and fuzzy all over. Instead it's usually the opposite! This time around it's different. The new offering from the folks in Mountain View is aptly named Google Helpouts. And we're here to tell you, already we like it!

What are Google Helpouts?

Google Helpouts is a video chat platform, similar to Google Hangouts with a few major differences. Anyone can offer their services for free or for a fee, to do whatever tasks they may find helpful to others. For example, one person may offer technical web help, another baking lessons. Helpouts are offered on a timed basis, and payments are exchanged through Google Wallet. Every provider is approved by Google prior to going live, and all are rated by their users with regards to their ability.

How can your small business gain from Google Helpouts?

There are many ways a small business can employ Google Helpouts. Lessons, tutorials, advice and individual help can go quite some distance toward introducing your business to the local community, and also strengthening your brand and reputation. Consider how your business can benefit from this source of lead generation, and whether it's wise to charge for your services. A free consult could be just what is needed to develop a lot of the know, like, and trust you are wanting. It might function as a best business card you have ever made!

How do you start with Google Helpouts?

You'll need to request an invitation, and then make sure you've got the technical equipment needed. (You very likely already do!) You'll also need to get the Helpouts plugin from Google. Once you are approved it's just a matter of getting out there and helping people, and see as your brand grows in reputation and sales.

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