7 Awesome Tips for Filling Up Your 2015 Content Calendar

7 Awesome Tips for Filling Up Your 2015 Content Calendar

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How to Create an Bursting Content Calendar for 2015

Heading into a new year we like to look at what we should do to make elements of our content marketing get better, and this year is no exception. Since content is still the once and future king, it is completely appropriate to give it importance.

While there are always changes happening, such as the need for longer and better quality content, the changing mediums in which that content can be delivered and more, it's useful to plan how we can fill up our content marketing calendar in 2015.

To help you get your head around forming a plan for 2015, here are 7 tips for filling up your content calendar.

7 Ideas  that you can utilize for your Content Calendar in 2015

Video – It's been said most every year for some time, but video simply refuses to back down. It will experience another surge in growth this year, and is an excellent vehicle for delivering content. Make it your business to either start or expand your video marketing footprint this year.

Utilize and expand your social media – Social can do many wonderful things for content marketing, Not only does it inform you well about what your audience is excited about, it is an ideal vehicle for promotion and reach.

Look back at 2014 – Take a trip down memory lane and figure out what worked well for your audience in 2014. This can easily be done by looking at site analytics and customer comments, to see what struck a chord last year.

Ask the horse's mouth – Ask your audience directly what they like or want to see, by means of a poll, quiz, contest or survey. Bribe them if needed!

Repurposing your best content – Take popular pieces of content and repurpose them for different media. For example, slice up a good post into social media posts, videos, Tweets and even memes.

Curate great content – Another terrific method for providing value for your audience while at the same time boosting your own authority and content is by curating content you find on the Web.

Try something new – There are surely forms of content you've yet to try that your audience might find interesting and informative. This could possibly include podcasts, image directories like Pinterest and Instagram, or more. Don't be afraid to experiment!

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