5 Ways to Employ Social Proof in Your Marketing

5 Ways to Employ Social Proof in Your Marketing

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See These 5 Ways Social Proof Can Help You Sell more

Let's face it, we all used the recommendation of others to help us decide whether or not to buy a product or service. It's basic human nature. Jonathan Swift said “It was a brave man that first ate an oyster”.  We like to know it's safe to buy before pulling the trigger!

So how do we intelligently harness the power of social proof in a way that boosts sales and trust? Here are five ways we've found to use social proof that can go a long way toward helping to convince your potential customer to convert into a buyer!

5 Ways to use social proof in your marketing

Blog comments – Nothing speaks more to the integrity and worth of a product or service like an owner willing to stand behind it honestly and promptly. Answering blog comments, questions and yes complaints will take you to the status of stand-up person when people view this publicly.

User Reviews and Testimonials – Having your satisfied customers to review your products, and even better, leave a testimonial is a superb way to provide undeniable social proof that helps drive sales. It will also help you rank well in Google local search.

Stats – If you've generated impressive numbers, don't be shy about sharing them somewhat. “7,354 people used our service last month!” Combining this with the logo or name of a brand people know is extremely effective.

Use social sharing buttons – The best thing about social media is the reach and influence you can get far beyond your own sphere of influence, however, this can only happen if you make it available. Add social sharing buttons, and encourage sharing!

Site badges and seals – If you have been accredited by organizations such as the BBB, or various web security companies, these can provide an air of trust and authenticity to your site. Be sure to display them prominently!

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