5 Tips for Implementing Responsive Design in Your Business

5 Tips for Implementing Responsive Design in Your Business

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Need to Implement Responsive Design? Here Are 5 Tips That Will Help

Surely by now everyone who is in the business of creating website presence on the internet has heard the term responsive design. The fact is responsive design in a must these days if you want your site to show up well in all manner of mediums, particularly mobile. This is good, as more than half of all Web traffic is now at least originating on a mobile device of some kind, it's high time to make sure your pages are rendering well.

That said, let's take a look at 5 tips you'll want to make sure you address when implementing responsive design.

5 Important tips for Responsive Design

Consider design first – This may seem to not need mentioning, but a lot of expensive design hours are wasted when a clear vision is not articulated up front. Look at many designs, and be specific on what you'd like for your design from the beginning.

Use images wisely – Imagery is an easy area to trip up on in responsive design. They need to be sized properly, and nearly as important, need a consistent path when they are called. This requires either setting exact measurements, or flexible grids based on percentage of page needed. If you do this, make sure to test it on every device platform to find out if anything gets distorted.

Write content for mobile – One of the last things people want to do on a small screen is scroll through a mountain of text. Your mobile content should be more to the point, perhaps bulleted, and even possibly lead to the full version on the main website.

Don't forget your calls to action! – One important item that often gets overlooked is the relative size and visibility of your calls to action on a smaller screen. Too small, they miss it, perhaps find the button too small to easily click. Too big and it becomes pushy. Test this and make sure you would find it appropriate as a user.

Aim for a clean design – Leave out anything you absolutely don't need, Mobile searchers are known for even less patience than the average Web surfer, and if your page is loading slowly because of unnecessary elements, you lose!

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