5 Effective Ways for Landing Page Optimization

5 Effective Ways for Landing Page Optimization

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How to Make Landing Page Optimization to Convert Better

Whether the goal of your landing pages is to sell a product, or just collect an opt-in email address, the value of landing page optimization cannot be over emphasized. However, this component of the sales process has become the forgotten stepchild of marketing. Marketers will go to extremes to make sure their site and blogs are optimized to the hilt, but will they pay the same attention to their money making pages?

The answer is if they're smart, they will.

There are some definite best practices you'll want to make sure you are following in order to get the best results you can. Let's have a look at 5 of these Landing Page Tips, and see if you can't improve the performance of your landing pages!

5 Landing Page Optimization Tips

Employ Responsive Design for your pages – Make the effort to ensure that your pages are mobile ready, and render well on all devices and formats. Having a responsive site is crucial in today's mobile-first environment, as more than half of all search now emanates from a mobile platform of some sort.

Killer headline – You've got about 5 seconds to actually hook your visitor, so your headline had better be doing its job and getting them curious or excited enough to read on. That's the only purpose. Nevertheless, please don't resort to “clickbait” headlines as a way to accomplish this: you'll have to endure much venom if you do.

Create crystal-clear Calls to Action – Leave no question as to what you want your readers to do. Not only lead them there; tell them precisely! Buy Now! Click Here! Download your free report! Don't leave your intentions or their next step to their imagination.

Social proof – If you have any social proof such as testimonials, press or positive reviews, make sure to strategically work these in. No one wants to be the first to venture down the new road. As Thomas Swift said, “It was a brave man that first ate an oyster.”

Test everything – Many people don't test simply because they feel they don't have the time. This is wrong-headed. Would you rather have fewer sales? That is the alternative to testing. A simple A/B test on the important facets of your landing page can work wonders for your conversion rates!

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