4 Productivity Tools to Help You in Your Marketing

4 Productivity Tools to Help You in Your Marketing

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Check Out These 4 Productivity Tools to Free You Up

Would you like to save some time in your marketing? Or get better results because you were able to find out why things aren't working as well as you wanted?

Perhaps now is the time to invest in a couple of productivity tools to help you improve your site's performance and rankings, help handle social media and more.

Perhaps your concerns lie in understanding what your site needs to do to rank better, or what your competition is up to. Or it could be it's social media, and how to keep up with that monster. No matter what it is, there's probably a tool to help. Below we've got 4 very cool tools that will help with these tasks, and get you further down the road to higher revenues.

4 Awesome Marketing tools you need to look at for your business

Canva – If you're anything like me, fumbling around in Photoshop is not your notion of a good time, never mind the final results! Canva to save the day! Canva is a free tool that enables you to easily create amazing graphics using a very simple interface. You'll be amazed at how easy this is.

SproutSocial – If you've ever seen this site, you know what a analytics wonderland it is, and how much you can use the intelligence it provides. Not merely an analytics tool, you can also utilize SproutSocial to post and engage with your audience directly from the platform. Very cool tool suite.

Moz – Long a favorite among people seeking to learn more about their site's SEO, Moz continues to offer great tools to gather data about your site, keywords, you're your competition in a comprehensive fashion. There's not a whole lot this suite of tools can't do in this realm.

Mention – Understanding how people are talking about you and your brand on the internet is a necessity these days. If people are disgruntled, you want to be the first to know, and Mention can help. You can track your keywords, product names, brands and more form almost any device you use. They also sport a cool sentiment function, which can save you lots of time and heartache.

The purpose of tools like these is not only to provide you with information that would otherwise be difficult to gather, but also to provide more time back in your day for other marketing activities. Be sure to take full advantage of this!

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