3 Killer Ways to Use Google Hangouts in Your Business

3 Killer Ways to Use Google Hangouts in Your Business

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See How You Can Use Google Hangouts in Your Small Business

Google Hangouts are a terrific platform for melding your online video marketing with your social media. Directly connected to your Google+ account, it provides the advantage of being super easy to use, and fast. You can go online and create a Hangout, and start broadcasting in minutes, and then afterward find it uploaded to your YouTube channel for you! Actually sounds like a perfect business medium to me.

Hangouts are easy to conduct, and once done they are immediately loaded to your YouTube Channel, allowing a seamless transition for you to be able to market with it.

If you haven't already considered using Google Hangouts for your business, here are 3 reasons why you should.

3 Great Reasons to Incorporate Google Hangouts into your Business

Great solution for webinars – Small businesses often can't afford the expense of using services like GoToWebinar, which can run you over of $500 a month if you have large audiences. Hangouts are free, drop-dead easy to start, and don't require an elaborate tech setup. What's more, Google will record it all for you and send it to your YouTube account when you're done. Hangouts are a good way to hold a “webinar” without having the expense and expertise required of other platforms.

Give a glimpse into your business – Hangouts can be an easy way to show off your latest products, introduce new services, and give a look inside your business. Using hangouts for instruction and customer service are great ways to increase your brand authority and give customers top-notch service. This is especially valid if you use social media together with Hangouts to widen your reach.

Customer engagement and service – The best feature of Google Hangouts as it pertains to a small business is the power to connect with your audience in a very personal hands-on fashion that will lend itself greatly to your efforts to brand yourself in your market as a leader. Moreover, using a Hangout as a customer service tool, such as holding a tutorial on how to best use one of your products, goes a long way toward establishing good will and social proof for your business.

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