How to Create Content That Drives Traffic

How to Create Content That Drives Traffic

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Creating Content that Drives Traffic to Your Site

You may have believed that you had content marketing covered when you've managed to post more than once a week to your site or blog. The fact is, if you would like it to actually bring the awesome results you keep hearing about, it's a bit more involved than that.

The solution to have this happen for you is easier than you might think, but does require a little outside the box thinking. Specifically, you need to understand how to involve several different types of content into the mix, and use them together.

Let's have a look at some of the best types of content that drives traffic , and how to make that really work for your site.

7 Types of content that can bring tons of traffic to your site

Infographics – We are a visual Web, and infographics have grown to be one of the most popular ways to cram a lot of content into an appealing format. Better still, they are easily sharable, and can send tons of visitors to your site.

Make a case study – If you have had great results with a particular method or tactic, that might be just the ticket for creating an informative case study. Very hot right now!

Tutorials – Similarly, an excellent tutorial, especially on things technical, can bring you a lot of eyeballs for a very long time.

Videos – People watch a great deal of video every month, and if you can come up with a smart, well-done explainer video for your site and market it intelligently, you will have created a traffic stream that will surprise you!

Record Podcasts – Whenever people can't view your videos online, or if they are stuck with only their smartphone, they love to listen to podcasts. Simple to produce and distribute, they drive more traffic than you may think!

Conducts interviews – If you can set an interview with an authority figure in your space, you'll be amazed how much traffic and authority it can provide.

Create an epic post – While this is not something you can pump out every day, becoming known for producing long form content people want to share and read is very good for your brand!

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  1. Datamip

    As the head of a digital marketing agency, I feel content is the King and has a lot of potential to drive sales of any business. Infographics, videos, case studies and white papers drive a lot of visitors and prospective customers. Thanks for this informative article, Rudy 🙂

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