6 Easy Ways to Screw Up Your Landing Pages

6 Easy Ways to Screw Up Your Landing Pages

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Learn How Easy It Is to Screw Up Your Landing Pages

It is rather easy to totally screw up your landing pages. Don't ask me how I know. Nevertheless, so that you can make sure you don't have to suffer the same humbling experience, we're going to check out 6 ways you can screw up your landing pages, with almost no effort required!

See these 6 landing page screw-ups and how to avoid doing the same

Your page takes forever to load – Since it's been proven in study after study that you've got approximately 3 seconds to get your page on before they move on, it's definitely time to take that seriously, especially with landing pages. Make sure you check this often, to catch any problems.

Design clean, uncluttered landing pages – Work to keep your landing pages focused. Avoid big blocks of text. Use white space. Don't cram in whatever you can think of attempting to pry the action out of them. Just deliver clean, simple content focused on one purpose!

Unnecessary links – The only links you want on these pages are links to your action, whatever that is. No social media buttons, no site navigation, nothing. If you're anxious that you might not see them again if they exit this page, use an exit pop-up.

Too many words – Think about it before you pile on the verbiage. Many times shorter copy increases results, and use to use images and videos if appropriate.

Asking for too much info – One guaranteed way to get a lot of people to leave is by demanding more information than you really need. Think carefully about what you truly need, and test this aspect of your landing page.

No mobile version – If you've got that tedious form cited above, think how fun that will be filling out on a mobile device! Optimize your mobile landing pages for size in addition to amount of content. You'll do far better.

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