5 Ways Your Content Can Make Conversions Easier

5 Ways Your Content Marketing Can Make Conversions Easier

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How to Use Your Content Marketing to Drive More Conversions

We often don't think of conversions when creating our content. We're all about creating the latest, greatest piece of verbiage seen by man, and that's great, but at the end of the day, you need to consider how to make your content marketing plan work together with a conversion strategy if you hope to flourish.

There are ways to help your visitor get to that happy place where they're grabbing their wallet, and completing the sale.

Let's take a look at 5 ways we can use our content marketing  for more conversions

Make your site navigation easy to use – On the list of worst stumbling blocks to more conversions is the lack of ability for your potential customers to get where they want to go. Solve this by using simple and obvious site navigation, together with a liberal use of text links within your content to point to where they need to go!

Use visuals! – The more images and videos you use in your content, the more often it's going to get read, shared and acted upon. That's not opinion, but a fact. We like to look and watch. Read?.. not so much.

Optimize for mobile – With well over half of all web access and search now coming through a mobile device of some type, if you're not optimized for mobile you are unquestionably losing out.

Offer up value – There is no arguing that terrific content is way more likely to lead to more sales, shares and actions. Work to make your content not only unique, but valuable.

Create killer calls to action – Optimize your calls to action with some thought. Test the various elements just like you would a piece of content, and make every effort to make your CTA get noticed. Using colors that stand out yet are complimentary is important here, while staying within the design elements of your page.

The best way to proceed is to make sure that when your content marketing is being developed, that your conversion strategy is a part of the thought process. Thinking about it then will lead to more conversions afterwards!

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  1. Roue

    I still think that the best way to create truly great content is not to think about conversions. If you just keep thinking about selling something and/or getting something out of your content, then it’s going to come out in the verbiage, one way or the other. You can always add a call to action later. But yes, these are all great advice, nonetheless. The visuals are particularly important these days. Ever noticed how people seem to be soaking up these visuals and infographics these days? It’s the best way to get attention.

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