Written a great post? Automate your blog post promotion

Written a great post? Automate your blog post promotion

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How to automate most of your blog post promotion

Isn't it frustrating when you've built some great content, and yet no one is coming around to view it? Often times this is because we've conveniently left out the marketing piece of the puzzle when it comes to our content, and are somehow expecting the content gods to look favorably upon our musings.

Doesn't work that way!

However there's hope. You can set up several semi-automated systems to help get your work seen in the marketplace quickly and easily. Let's take a look at a few of the ways to promote your blog.

5 Easy ways for you to automate a portion of your blog promotion

Employ Buffer for social media – Buffer can be very useful when you want to post to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ pages. There are a ton of other features that help you see how this is working, and is super easy to set up.

Syndicate your blog – Having your blog syndicated where a large audience can partake is a no-brainer. Our favorites for this include sites like AllTop, Storify, Technorati, Networked Blogs and BlogEngage. This can result in a tons of traffic.

Setup an IFTTT recipe on Reddit – Using an IFTTT recipe (short for “If This Then That”) you can automate your blog posts to show up on the largest traffic site among the social bookmarking crowd.

Take a peek at Snap – There's a plugin for WordPress that's called Snap, (Social Network Auto Poster) and what this does is post automatically to a few of the less cooperative social networks like StumbleUpon.

Use the Facebook Sponsored Stories ads – While this is not a free method, the amount of eyeballs this can provide may well make it worth it. Using the Facebook Power Editor will also make it appear for only those targeted audiences you've identified.

Using these blog post promotion methods will very likely promote your blog post and give the necessary oomph to get a good start, and may lead to hundreds if not thousands more visitors. Give it a try with your next post!

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