Why Yelp Still Matters

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Reasons Why Yelp Is Still a Must for Small Business

You may very well be of the opinion that Yelp is now old school, and it's not significant anymore. You'd be wrong.

Yelp is still not only relevant but also essential for small business in this day and age of instant social signals spreading your reputation around the Web. To demonstrate this further we decided to share a boatload of reasons why your business should still concern yourself with Yelp. This will open your eyes to the opportunity that Yelp still offers.

10 great reasons to use Yelp

  • 90 percent of Yelp users say that reading positive reviews influences their purchasing decisions and the lion's share of those reviews are written.
  • 93 percent of people who search review sites go shopping at the businesses for they investigate.
  • There is an average $8,000 improvement in annual revenues for businesses that use Yelp.
  • There is another $23,000 increase in revenues for those who decide to use Yelp advertising.
  • 77 percent of Yelp users claim that they have a renewed and more focused customer service initiative after using Yelp.
  • In spite of all these numbers, a full 87 percent of small businesses have yet to use Yelp.
  • Reviews from your guests that praise your “customer service” in the review are much more likely to grant those coveted 5 star reviews.
  • Each star results in a 5-9 percent leap in resulting revenues.
  • Yelp favors small businesses over the McDonalds of the world.
  • Yelp's exciting new “Call to Action” button delivers customers directly from your Yelp page to your site where a transaction can take place.

Review sites like Yelp offer a enormous opportunity for small business. With so many consumers using online reviews and basing their shopping and purchasing decisions so heavily on them, it would be wise to get the most from such an obvious outlet for positive feedback concerning your site. In addition to that, the chance to promote, solidify, and engage about your brand is priceless.

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