Why are visitors bailing on your site?

Why are visitors bailing on your site?

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Why are visitors bailing on your site and what to do about it

When majority of your visitors leave your site within 10-12 seconds, it's imperative for us to ensure that we're not doing anything that would encourage this kind of bad behavior. Many times it could be things beyond our control. Other times, there are definite no-no's that cause your hard-earned website visitors to exit.

5 Surefire ways to send your hard-earned visitors leave your site

  1. Stale or lame content – If you have content that hasn't been updated since the Nixon administration, then you can expect a mass exodus shortly after arrival. What's more, if your content is dull, not helpful or just plain awful, the same result follows. Do your best to regularly update your site with up to date, relevant content that speaks to your visitors interests, and is not just another attempt to sell.
  2. Website speed – If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can kiss them goodbye. (If they were still there) Keep in mind the types of content that will cause pages to load slowly, such as large image files, videos and gauge this accordingly.
  3. Video autoplaying – When a person arrives on your site and your video or audio starts blaring at them, they usually leave posthaste. Unless this is a video salespage, there isn't any reason to set this up this way.
  4. Gateway pages – If you are making people opt-in to see your content with a gateway page, then you better have a great reason for it. Most people who don't know or trust you will just bail.
  5. Page full of ads – Another obnoxious practice. They presumably are visiting your pages for content of some type, not yet another ad directing them to something else they don't need. Use ads discreetly, and with some imagination.

Let's work on eliminating the plenty of reasons why visitors leave your site and then work on offering them a reason to stay.

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