The Ice Bucket Challenge and Social Media Marketing Gold

The Ice Bucket Challenge and Social Media Marketing Gold

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The Ice Bucket Challenge and Its Social Internet Marketing Lessons

Getting Recognized is Half the Battle

People participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge had the choice between dousing themselves or donating to the cause. Though those doing the challenge, per the rules, did not have to donate, their participation guaranteed huge attention that led to many donations. This works for smaller businesses on social media marketing as well. Any interaction, whether it is liking, sharing, commenting, or retweeting, boosts the amount of people who see your marketing – even if they can't make a purchase.

Timing is Almost everything

The Ice Bucket Challenge turned viral during the summer months of 2014, and this was an ideal time. People had been inundated with horrendous news ranging from the shooting in Ferguson to Middle East violence, and raising awareness for a great cause was a welcomed distraction. Additionally, longer daylight meant people had time after work to have fun with the challenge. Timing is also critical for local company advertising. For instance, traffic on Facebook spikes midweek between 1pm and 3pm. Posting during these hours is nice timing to really get your marketing message seen.

Get Big-Name People Taking part

The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in part due to celebrities. Everyone from Bill Gates to WWE superstars participated. While these names could be hard for you to pull, it is a great rule to get industry thought leaders engaged. Interact with trusted sources in your sector and share great content with them. If it justifies a retweet or share, the interest you will get from this celebrity shout out can be invaluable.

A lot of viral social networking lessons can be taken from the Ice Bucket Challenge. Don't make the error of believing a viral campaign is out of a small business's reach.

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