How to Come with a Winning Mobile Strategy

Mobile Marketing – Where to Begin?

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How to Come with a Winning Mobile Strategy

You know you need to adopt mobile marketing as an crucial component of your online business, but somehow just can't wrap your head around how to get started. Everybody you know, and probably you too, are glued to their mobile devices 24/7. Anyone with eyes can tell that the time to begin mobile marketing is now!

We now recognize that roughly 5o percent of all web traffic is now viewing from a mobile device, and that half of all emails are accessed on mobile. There are plenty of ways to make mobile marketing pay off for your business. For now let's just focus on four tips that will be beneficial right away!

4 Important ways to mobilize your business!

  1. Have a mobile version of your website – As you undoubtedly have encountered, sites render quite differently on small screens, and it's vital that you design the mobile version of your website keeping this in mind. Font size has to be bigger, and images optimized properly. Remember also that you'll need less text, as mobile browsers aren't really conducive to reading large stretches of small text.
  2. Optimize email for mobile – Likewise, your email copy will benefit from a once-over also. Keep it short, punchy, and lead to your desired outcome quickly and obviously. Don't make them work, because they won't!
  3. Employ location based services – Folks are becoming more and more open to receiving ads while they are on the go from a location based service such as Yelp, Foursquare or now Facebook. Having your mobile coupons delivered to those in your immediate vicinity is a profitable formula!
  4. Use mobile ads – Research is showing that mobile ads convert around 5 times better than traditional internet ads. This together with the fact that this is still new to most advertisers, there is tons of unsold inventory keeping the prices down, resulting in a golden opportunity for those prepared to venture out!

Mobile marketing is among the easiest ways to get in front of a large and receptive audience quickly. Take your business to the next level by mobilizing it!

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