How to Market on Instagram

How to Market on Instagram

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Think Instagram Isn't for Business? Think Again

As Instagram becomes more and more popular, it was natural that smart marketers will devise ways to use it for their objectives. While we're uncertain how long this may last, as Instagram is owned by Facebook and change is bound to happen, for the moment it is slaughtering it's social parent when it comes to engagement.

Witness the recent (2014) study by Forrester Research that shows among other things, that Instagram is beating its parent Facebook in terms of user engagement by a measly 60X! Add in Facebook's recent trimming of marketer's sails when it comes to organic ad reach, and you can see why people are actively looking to see what Instagram is capable of doing for their brand. Here's 7 ways we've found that companies are using Instagram to help with their social marketing.

7 Ways to market on Instagram

Put your business on Instagram – Maybe an obvious starting point, but making sure you've secured your business name on a business account, or as near as you can get to be recognized, as well as completing your profile and connecting to Facebook and other social media channels is the base for everything else you want to do.

Use lots of hashtags – As hashtags are the primary way people can search for you on this mobile platform, you want to be found taking full advantage of this, especially by using your company branding. In addition ,, don't forget to check your hashtags, so that you can be aware of any activity, good or bad going on with your brand.

Engage your customers – Like your followers photos, comment, embed, mention and otherwise recognize and engage with people connected to you.

Use Instagram's new 15-second videos – Use these to display products, people and your brand.

Show off your products – Instagram is a fantastic way to get your products some wide reaching audience they might not have had.

Crowdsource photos of your products – Using a contest to generate user submitted content about your brand and products is a very good way to engage.

Post frequently – Find your optimum posting rate, whether that's a few times a week or several times a day. The key is to post enough that your audience is growing and engaging. You'll know it when you see it.

“Capture and share the world's moments”. Put your business on Instagram.

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