How to Keep People from Bailing on Your Website

How to Keep People from Bailing on Your Website!

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What You Need to Do to Keep People from Bailing on your Website

Why deal with all the trouble of building a spiffy site merely to have people abandon your site as soon as they get there? There are various reasons people will leave for greener pastures, and there's also specific ways for you to keep people from bailing on your website. Let's take a look at why you may be having this problem.

Why people abandon your site and what you can do to keep visitors on your site longer

Here a number of reasons commonly found on why people abandon your site, and specifically what you can do about it.

    • Long load times – You've got less than 3 seconds to get your site loaded, or most people are outta there. This is your primary goal, to give your visitor a chance. Check your site load speed often, and make it load turbo fast!
    • No mobile connectivity – Over 50 percent of all Web searches are now conducted from a mobile platform, and if you're not able to be seen, well
    • Making visitors jump through hoops – If you make your visitors give too much, you'll see that they'll be just uncomfortable enough to move on. Don't make demands!
    • Unsure about site security – If your site looks sketchy, particularly when you're attempting to sell something there, don't be shocked if they exit stage left! Check into adding security badges that are appropriate.
    • Poor site navigation – Take a hard look at your site navigation and figure out if it makes sense. Are you able to get to where you wish to go when you visit, or is it unclear or worse, complicated. This should be a prime area of testing for you.
    • No clear focus – What is going on on your page? What is the purpose, and is it clear? Is the page cluttered with a blinking cauldron of ads that have little to do with your site?
    • Nothing going on – If a visitor arrives and finds that your last content was posted a year or two ago, that your social media counters show no stats, and there are no comments or conversations going on, what would you do?

Do some changes and keep visitors on your site longer!

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