What Are the Current Trends in Small Business Web Design

What Are the Current Trends in Small Business Web Design

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Want to Know What's Trending in Website Design for Small Business?

If you are looking to redesign or possibly put up your first small business web site, it is a good idea to take a quick look at what is trending now as regards web design for small businesses.

Some have come about due to advances in technology, and others are merely cosmetic or related to user experience. Still, judge each with an eye open as to their best uses for your particular site, and not necessarily for any buzz or good press. Just because infinite scrolling may work for Facebook doesn't mean it's right for your site.

So without further delay, the following are five website design trends small businesses are implementing in 2015.

5 Small business website design trends for 2015

Infinite scrolling – Oops, I gave it away. Infinite scrolling has become the “it” factor this year. This is where your content flows in one interrupted page. Obviously this is helpful for some social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but for others it is a case by case affair. One advantage is you can keep your reader engaged on a single page. One disadvantage is that moving them on to your eventual goal page can be challenging.

Using a responsive design – Since over half the Web's traffic now emanates, at least originally, form a mobile device, it is simply not an option to not have a responsive website design. You need to make sure that all visitors get the best experience you can muster, so this is less of a trend than a necessity.

A minimalist, uncluttered site – A spare, lean look with lots of white space and shorter blocks of text are the rule these days. This improves the overall feel of your site, providing an uncluttered, space where you can offer a simple, direct message free of distraction and rabbit holes.

Get creative with font types and color – The days when you needed to make everything conform to Times New Roman or Arial are over. You still want to present your text in a readable, easy on the eyes font, but don't be afraid to experiment, particularly with headlines and buttons. Experiment also with a color splash now and then, in keeping with your site's primary colors.

Make social media prominent – We operate in a social Web, and you need to support this on your site. Employ obvious and easy to use social media buttons on your pages, and promote their use!


  1. Rommel

    I think one of the more becoming trends now in website design is the infinite scrolling. Most new websites and red-designed websites have this treat. Another important website treat to watch out now is the mobile friendliness of the website. Google has some algorithm update that give less value to websites with unfriendly mobile deigns.

  2. Elise Forsyth Mort

    It’s not a sin to follow trends, its just that design trend is not for everyone. You have to consider what the website is for and who will use the website before you decide to follow any trend. First things first, a website must be functional and must not be solely based on design trends. Who would use your website if you cannot provide what’s expected from your website?

    Nonetheless, what’s presented here were great ideas. I must say that responsive is not just part of the a good design, it’s actually considered a good design practice since Mobile Friendly update was launched.

    I would also like to confess that I’m a big fan of card, flat design and material design.

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