5 Killer Ways to Promote New Content

5 Killer Ways to Promote New Content

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5 Awesome Tips for Content Promotion

Getting your content noticed these days amongst a sea of competing voices is difficult, to put it mildly. The fact that yours is better and precisely what is needed doesn't matter: what matters is who can be found.

That's where a content promotion plan for each piece of content you create comes into play. Getting to promote new content out in front of people who are actually looking for it will pay large dividends!

So before you run screaming into the might because you don't know how to make this happen, let's have a look at 5 simple ways you can cheaply and effectively promote new content.

5 Tips for content promotion

Make visual content – Creating a meme you can share socially, a slideshow video of your content, or even an infographic can lead to numerous shares and traffic to your page. We are a visual bunch, and love to look at new things!

Let your list know about it – Many top content providers make tactical use of their list to announce new content, and drive traffic there via email. It's an easy way to communicate in a non-salesy way to your subscribers, and can result in shares and traffic.

Use content sharing sites – There are some great content sharing sites these days, like SlideShare, DocStoc, Scribd and Issuu to name but a few. Uploading your content or promotional content there can result in huge spikes of traffic, as these sites are highly favored by Google.

Utilize social media – Without question you should promote your new content via your social media channels. Much like notice by email, simply announce and encourage visitors to visit, share and like. You may find someone with loads of followers and fans passes this on to their peeps as well!

Paid sources – Sometimes it's worth it to apply paid ads to get a particular piece of content noticed. This is especially true of content used to warm up your audience for a product launch. Sources like Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and Outbrain work well for this.


  1. Tristan

    Thanks for the great tips. I think making visual contents(infographics) + social media promotions is a good content promotion strategy. Not overdoing it can give you good results.

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