Should Your Small Business Be Using Pay Per Click Ads

Should Your Small Business Be Using Pay Per Click Ads?

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Would Pay Per Click Ads Work for Your Small Business?

Many people are under the assumption that pay per click is a waste of money for local markets, and they could not be further from the truth. There are many of great uses for PPC for local that can not only deliver new customers or prospects, but also improved search engine results.

We're going to take a moment to consider why PPC for local business is a good idea, and look at why you need to begin embracing it if you aren't already.

Four terrific reasons why PPC works well in local marketing

Instant visitors – Probably the best thing about using PPC for local is that you aren't waiting for results. People are showing up as soon as your ads go live, assuming you've set it up and bid properly. You'll get a mountain of data that will tell you much more about your consumers: what keywords are working, ad copy and more. You can also easily measure and track all results.

Own more search engine real estate – Even though you might be doing well on the organic side, with a page one listing for at least one page, wouldn't it be awesome to own a top PPC listing on that same page as well. Plus, it didn't take years to acquire either. This can help in several ways, among them pushing competitors down or off the page, and helps to solidify your brand in the minds of consumers.

The ability to target your customers and prospects – With advanced demographic targeting tools at your disposal, you can target only consumers who live in a particular area, are of a particular gender, or many other factors.

You can use remarketing – You've probably had this happen to you; you're searching and you see the same ads appearing. It's no coincidence: the ad networks are following you with ads you have expressed an interest in. While it may seem a bit like stalking, remarketing is a fact of online advertising life, and you may as well get your products and services in front of interested eyes as much as you can. Final point here is, it works extremely well!

If you need help generating leads, please call us. We have an excellent lead generation program where we pay for all your advertising expenses and take all the risk for you. You only pay when you get results. This is a massive undertaking and understandably we're limited in how many companies we can help at any one time. If you're interested and find the program paused or not available, just leave your details and we'll let you know when it re-opens.

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