Rankaware Review

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I have to say this was really easy software to use. I was actually surprised. I had assumed that it would take a lot of effort and work, verifications or making an account to get it to work, but I literally just plugged in some stuff and it worked.

According to the website it is a three step process and apart from the actual downloading and installation of the software it is.

So firstly it asked for the website and then some keywords and finally the three search engines to compare results.

Then it just did a bit of thinking and my results were up.


What I liked about this was the ability to edit and update things so easily. It was only a few clicks and I could add keywords or change the website (super handy to compare how you’re doing vs your competitors).

I think this will be super handy for anyone wanting to test any branding campaigns based on the slogan or catch phrase they may be presenting. Being able to see how many hits you’re getting based on the keywords you have plugged in gives you an idea of how many people are finding you based in your services or your slogan. It also gives you a chance to test different slogans to get definitive data on how your viewers are finding you.


The ability to update the results is really good as it can show you the impact of your marketing campaigns over time. This combined with video or social media analytics can really help with testing different strategies and campaigns with online and social media marketing. As someone who often works in social and online marketing this is a really handy tool to have to get data on campaigns that aren’t as straight forward as pay per click ads or affiliate marketing, but are still valuable. This data can really help also in justifying said campaigns in budget meetings.

I will definitely be utilising this tool in future campaigns and market research initiatives.

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