Need Your Local Pages to Show Up In Google

Need Your Local Pages to Show Up In Google?

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See How to Positively Effect Local SEO

You have a local business and you rely upon your local listings to bring you the business that keeps the doors open. Making your local pages to show up in Google is a major component in your business moving forward.

While that's natural, there's usually an easy to ferret out reason for this decline, and as a local site owner, it's your job to put on your Sherlock Holmes costume and figure out what the matter is.

Quite often it's a very simple solution, and calls for an easy fix that can restore you in days. Other times it may be a bit more in-depth. Let's take a peek at several of the reasons why your local rankings may have taken a hit, and what you can do about your local pages to show up in Google.

Several reasons why your local rankings may have fallen

  • Not Following Google Places Quality Guidelines – Google is very good at giving you a roadmap of just what they expect of a site they would list in their local listings. You'll find it here. Run afoul of these guidelines and you run the risk of disappearing from the search results!
  • Inaccurate or inconsistent NAP Information – If you have information that is outdated, incorrect or otherwise misleading, Google will rightly assume you don't know what you're doing. Strive to make sure that all your name, address and phone (NAP) information is correct. There are various tools to help with this task.
  • Duplicate content – A problem that sites with multiple locations face is that they like to use the same content for all their locations. Make it your business to appeal to that distinct location as much as you can, so that Google doesn't see your site as trying to rank the same page multiple times.
  • No updating or recent activity – If you haven't done any updating of your pages for some time, you could find yourself a victim of just not keeping up with your competition. Keep your content fresh and current, and make it your business (because it is!) to keep seeking citations and positive reviews to help you rank well.

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